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My Vision

As a mixed media artist, I am drawn to the rich history and nostalgic charm of vintage ephemera and old photos. I see beauty in the worn edges, faded colors, and intricate details of these treasured artifacts of the past, and I am inspired to give them new life through my art.

My work explores themes of memory, nostalgia, and the passage of time. I am fascinated by the idea that our personal histories are shaped by the objects and images that surround us, and I strive to create pieces that evoke a sense of emotion and connection with the past.

By putting together my love of the discarded with the beauty of an old image, I strive to present to the viewer the opportunity to reflect on their own memories and to appreciate the value of everyday objects.

My Story

I love a good story. Listening to, writing about, and expressing stories through my art is what makes me smile. I grew up in a small midwestern town with 7 siblings which created a lot of fodder for good stories, often repeated at family events. I am also a collector, some say hoarder, of nostalgic and vintage ephemera. 


Attending college in Minnesota, I earned a degree in Graphic Design, which I never really used. After collage, while traveling abroad I landed a job in Massachusetts where I lived for 25 years. During my time in the Northeast I enjoyed a successful career as a business analyst in several business sectors, but always dabbled in art. After moving with my husband to South Carolina, I am now able to focus on my art full time, a dream come true. As a mixed media artist, no supplies are off limits, but I primarily uses acrylic paint and mediums as a basis for all her work.

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