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My Story

I love a good story. Listening to, writing about, and expressing stories through my art is what makes me smile. I grew up in a small mid-western town with 7 siblings which created a lot of fodder for good stories, often repeated at family events. I am also a collector, some say hoarder, of nostalgic and vintage ephemera. Putting together my love of the discarded with the beauty of story telling makes for a creative combination.


Attending college in Minnesota, I earned a degree in Graphic Design, which I never really used.  After collage, while traveling abroad I landed a job in Massachusetts where I lived for 25 years. During my time in the Northeast I enjoyed a successful career as a business analyst in several business sectors, but always dabbled in art. After moving with my husband to South Carolina, I am now able to focus on my art full time, a dream come true. As a mixed media artist, no supplies are off limits, but I primarily uses acrylic paint and mediums as a basis for all my work.

My Vision

I try to tell stories with my work, either real or fictional. Using bits of ephemera such as ticket stubs, vintage magazine ads, old sheet music, tags, flashcards, book text, old photos I piece together a narrative and add multiple layers of acrylic paint, ink, tissue paper, stamped images and other mediums that create depth and richness to the piece. Just like in real life, each of us has a story with many layers. I often work in a series, but each piece tells a unique story just waiting to be discovered.


I love old photos as there is always a story to be told. In my current work I incorporate vintage photos using an image transfer technique. Some are family photos, others are vintage images from found postcards, cabinet cards, and vintage catalogs

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